To learn more about and how to set up a Clinical Will, click here to view our about page.

Register as a Practitioner

To get started as a new Practitioner click here to register for the platform.

Log In

The Log In screen can be accessed here and provides the following functions:

  • All three types of user (Practitioners, Clinical Trustees and Next of Kin) can access the application from this screen.
  • All existing users can request a password reset if they lose their login details.
  • New users can register for access to the platform.
  • All users, including Clinical Trustees and Next of Kin, have a separate login with the appropriate level of access to confidential data.
If you are experiencing any difficulties with your login experience please contact us at for further assistance.

Your Dashboard

Once logged into the application, users can access the following functions from the 'Your Dashboard' screen:

  • Newly registered Practitioners will be prompted to subscribe to the service before setting up their Clinical Will.
  • Existing Practitioners can view and edit their Clinical Wills.
  • Existing Practitioners can nominate new Clinical Trustees or Next of Kin by email.
  • New Clinical Trustees or Next of Kin will be notified of a nomination request from a Practitioner.

Who Can View a Clinical Will?

The users that Practitioners invite to the platform can view the following information:

  • Next of Kin can only view the contact details of the relevant Clinical Trustees, so that they can contact them if needed.
  • Clinical Trustees can view a Practitioner's Clinical Will in order to carry out their responsibilities as instructed. In the event that a Clinical Trustee views a Clinical Will, the Practitioner will be notified by email.

Receiving Email

If you are unable to find an expected email from us, such as a password reset notification, then please check your junk mail folder. If you are still unable to locate the notification then please email, this will whitelist us with your email provider. You can then immediately retry the action such as resetting your password.

Contact Us

To contact us for support with any aspect of the service please email


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