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ClinicalWill.app brings together all the information you need to include in your Clinical Will and allows your Clinical Trustee to carry out your instructions when needed. Learn more about the platform here.

Designed by a therapist and built with data security as our highest priority, ClinicalWill.app combines convenience and compliance, without compromising confidentiality.

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What is a Clinical Will?

A Clinical Will is a set of instructions made by a therapist, counsellor or coach for what will happen to their practice in the event that they are no longer able to work due to sudden illness or death.

As a minimum, it lays out how clients can be contacted and supported if a practitioner is unable to do so themselves. Additionally, a Clinical Will might also include details of other people or organisations related to a practitioner’s business that might need to be notified.

Importantly, the requirement is that any contact is made by an appropriate person and takes place within the limits of clinical confidentiality.

To learn more about how to set up a Clinical Will, click here.

Why use ClinicalWill.app?

ClinicalWill.app makes it easy for practitioners to set up and maintain a Clinical Will that meets ethical and professional standards. Based on the needs of practicing therapists and counsellors, ClinicalWill.app offers:

  • Confidentiality. ClinicalWill.app is built using industry-standard security technology to help you maintain your clients’ confidentiality. You can learn more about this here.
  • Compliance. ClinicalWill.app is designed to help you meet your ethical and clinical obligation to ensure your clients are appropriately informed in the event of your death or sudden illness.
  • Convenience. ClinicalWill.app is easy to use, helping you make sure your Clinical Will is fit-for-purpose and stays up-to-date.