Clinical Wills
Made Easy brings together all the information you need to include in your Clinical Will and allows your Clinical Trustee to carry out your instructions when needed.

What is a Clinical Will?

A clinical will is a document created by a therapist, counsellor, or coach detailing plans for their practice in case of sudden illness or death. It ensures clients can be contacted and supported appropriately, while maintaining confidentiality. Additionally, it may include notifying relevant parties associated with the practitioner's business.

Why use Why use ClinicalWill .app?
Confidentiality underline
Built using industry-standard security technology to help you maintain your clients’ confidentiality.
Compliance underline
Designed to help you meet your ethical and clinical obligation to ensure your clients are appropriately informed in the event of your death or sudden illness.
Convenience underline
Easy to use, helping you make sure your Clinical Will is fit-for-purpose and stays up-to-date. Pay What You Think Is Fair
Pay what is fair
We believe that individual practitioners should be free to decide the value of to them. Therefore, our full service is offered on a ‘Pay What is Fair’ basis. Based on conversations with existing users, we think that for practitioners with an established practice, an annual fee equivalent to their standard session fee represents a good balance between value and affordability.

60-day free trial
As a new user, you can set up a free limited trial for 60 days. This allows you to create a clinical will, register your Next of Kin and Clinical Trustees, and add records for up to three clients for free.

What our users say

“This is a brilliant service. I set my will up using this and it is very straightforward. I really recommend it.”

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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